The 4 Hats Of An Effective Communicator

Colin James is one of Australia’s leading corporate speakers, educators and facilitators. When it comes to public speaking- he’s the man. He’s also a very generous man, and was kind enough to give some friends and I a bit of time earlier this year.

According to Colin, most effective communicators will wear one of four ‘hats’ at different points during their presentations. Which hat they wear at what point will depend on what they’re trying to achieve.

I’ve outlined the four hats below and tried to flesh out what they might look like for a preacher.

1. Motivator– inspire your audience to do something. First to listen and then to act upon what they’ve heard. For the preacher, you might wear this hat during your introduction (as you inspire people to listen) and then again at various points throughout the sermon.

2. Educator- inform your audience. Help people to understand what the passage  says. State your point, explain it and illustrate it. Preachers need to remember that this is an essential hat, but importantly, not the only hat they wear.

3. Coach-  instruct your audience. Help your people to see how the passage applies to their life. Paint a picture of where they need to get to in light of God’s word and contrast it with where they’re at now. Show them why God’s why is better than their way.

4. Colleague– get along side your audience. Walk them through the next steps. Preachers need to listen to God’s word just as much as their people do, so what do we all need to do (or stop doing) to live according to God’s will?

Although most sermons won’t be so neat, I’m convinced they’re still valuable categories to keep in mind.

Question: What have I missed? Are there any other hats you think are important to wear when presenting? Leave a comment by clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “The 4 Hats Of An Effective Communicator

  1. I love that these four tasks align so well with 2 Timothy 3:16 – and what a great encouragement to remember the task of preaching can incorporate different aims on different occasions!

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