6 Lessons From A Small Church

A really small church. Some time ago I preached to a congregation of six people in a small country chapel. Here’s what I learnt:


1. I’m not great at singing- when your singing hymns a cappella in a small room with 6 other people… let’s just say there’s no hiding behind the drums or lead vocalist. It’s a case of go hard or go home!

2. Blink and you’ll miss communion– most churches I’ve been a part of don’t do communion all that regularly, but when they do, boy does it take forever. Yesterday the whole church knelt at the communion rail in one go.

3. Preaching can be awkward- when preaching I tend to include things like, ‘Now at this point some of you are probably thinking….” When there’s only four adults that doesn’t work so well. I almost felt like saying… ‘Farmer Bob… what are you thinking?’

4. Don’t be late- this goes without saying, but when you’re running the show and you arrive 10 minutes late it’s kinda hard to sneak in the back door. I don’t think we fooled them.

5.  I need a pastor’s heart- it took us 25 minutes to drive to this church which meets twice a month. If we didn’t go to them, it’s unlikely that they would come to us. Props to Rev. Chris Brennan for teaching me what it looks like to love your flock.

6. ‘Strategic’ is a debatable word– these people were generous -very generous- but the church still wasn’t viable. Does that mean you shut it down?  No, because people matter. We need strategic ministries, but that doesn’t mean we ditch the people who aren’t in them.

Question: What about you? What lessons have you learnt from attending or ministering in a small church? Leave a comment by clicking here.

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