How to get organised and effective in under 2 hours a week

I like being organised. It’s probably part OCD, but disorganisation stresses me out. I also like being effective. Unfortunately, being organised does not always equal being effective. In this post I’d like to outline how I try to achieve both every week.


Image courtesy of Flickr

Every Friday afternoon from 2-4pm I have a reoccurring appointment with myself. In my opinion, my overall effectiveness from one week to the next is directly proportional to how well I use this time. If I keep the appointment, I get truckloads of the right stuff done. If I ignore it, I may still get stuff done… but it’s unlikely to be the right stuff.

The Four D’s Of Getting Things Done

How many tasks have you got floating around in your head right now? Call mum, research essay, pay bill, find job… not to mention the 50-60 other things. It’s paralysing!

This sort of thing used to give me “freak out” moments. My wife Emma says I was just “overwhelmed”… but she’s lying. They were genuine freak outs. Can’t-think, can’t-eat, feel-sick kind of freak outs. The real juicy ones.