How Do I Make A Difference In The World?

If you know anything about me, it’s somewhat humorous that I was recently asked for my opinion on this question. Why so humorous? Because I’ve never really “made a difference.”

But this is a blog. Where else can a guy with no runs on the board or credit to his name act like an expert? That’s a word for the wise by the way. Don’t believe everything you read on blogs.

Humility aside, I felt my answer made intuitive sense. So I’ll share it.

Here’s three steps to lead in a way that might make a difference in the world:

1. Establish your convictions- in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Steven Covey suggests that good leaders hold to their convictions with a delicate balance of courage and consideration. They courageously fight for the truth and do not budge from it. But they also do it with consideration, knowing that others may disagree with them.

2. Enlarge your vision- your vision/goals/ambitions need to transcend yourself. If you’re goal is personal success, that’s the most you will achieve. If you’re vision is to bless your family, your church, your community, or your nation, then with God’s help you may just accomplish both.

3. Enlist some help- visions that transcend the self require others to bring them to fruition. Speaking personally for a moment, if my desire is to build a big church, I could conceivably do that on my own. But if my goal is to win Australia for Christ, it’s immediately obvious that I need help. I need to raise up other like minded people and train myself out of a job.

So there you have it. Three steps to leading in a way that makes a difference. But Hitler did that. Stalin did that. How do you make a difference worth making?

4. Follow the Difference Maker– Jesus Christ did not move from his convictions, and was ultimately killed because of it. Rather than seeking personal success, he had a vision to save the world. Rather than going it alone, he trained up a group of men to carry on his mission.

Jesus Christ made the greatest difference in history our world has ever seen. The best leaders will be his followers.

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