Five mistakes of an itinerant speaker

An “itinerant” speaker is someone who speaks to different audiences in different locations. They differ from most “regular” speakers because they don’t tend to preach to the same audience twice. While there are several benefits to this kind of speaking, in this article I’d like to outline five common mistakes.

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Before I do, let me briefly recount my story. Over the last few years I’ve had the privilege of being an itinerant preacher. Since I’ve been studying full time and haven’t been responsible for my own congregation, my employers have kindly given me the freedom to accept invitations to preach elsewhere. Consequently, I’ve been fortunate enough to preach to a variety of different audiences.

Where should we plant a church?

“Where are you going to plant a church?” I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked that question, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been able to give an answer. If you’d like to know that answer you can find out here.

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For years I just didn’t know where we should plant. I was convinced that planting a church was one of the most effective ways of reaching new people with the gospel, but I just didn’t know where we should do it. Or for that matter, how to figure it out! The options were paralyzing.

6 things I’ve learned from MCing KYCK

Lots of teenagers, flashing lights and loud music in a tin shed is usually cause to run for the hills. Unless of course, you’re in Katoomba this April in which case you’re probably up at KYCK. For those who don’t know, KYCK is a Christian conference for thousands of teenagers that runs every year over three weekends.


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This Friday will mark the third year in a row that I’ve had the incredible privilege of MCing the conference. Every year hundreds of kids become Christians and thousands have their lives radically changed. It really is an incredible ministry to be a part of.

My takeaways from the Pastors & Planters Conference

Last week Tim Keller from Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City spoke at several different conferences in Sydney. One of them was the Pastors and (church) Planters Conference. I know not everyone was able to make it, so I thought I’d summarise what I felt were some of the most helpful things I took away.


Before I do, it’s worth mentioning that Keller is an incredible man. He has a unique combination of intellect, winsomeness, and humility all in one. He also has an amazing ability to communicate with secular post moderns in an engaging way. Personally, I am thankful to God for his ministry.

Why I decided to plant a church in my first year out of college

This year will bring me to the end of four years at Moore College. It’s been an amazing time of learning, growth and deep friendships, but like all good things it must come to an end. So what exactly does next year hold for the Clemens family?

First year out

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Well… next year I will lead a committed team of missionaries to plant a church in the city. If you’d like to find out more details fill in this form and I’ll be in touch. That being said, most of my peers at College will be joining established churches as assistant ministers. Several others will probably be youth ministers, women’s ministers and school chaplains.

In search of the Christian bachelor party

Few things are more awkward than a Christian bachelor party. Most of the time they look just like the Hangover movie but with slightly less alcohol and no strippers. It’s really quite sad. But what should they look like? This is a question I’ve wanted to ask for a long time and one I’ll attempt to answer in this post.


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Let me start by putting my cards on the table. This is going to be one of those “do as I say and not as I do” type of articles. I had my bachelor party five years ago. For the most part it was a fun weekend away with friends. But to my shame there was a brief moment of nudity (my own), cross-dressing (again… only my own) and a lot of embarrassment (I was given a boom-box with Kanye West playing and told to earn myself $5 by dancing on the street).