7 Bible Studies On The Patriarchs

Far from being models of godliness, they’re trophies of God’s grace. Time and time again these unworthy men rebel against God by taking things into their own hands, and time and time again God brings about his redemptive purposes.

Below are seven bible studies I wrote in 2010, complete with leaders notes. Since I believe in giving credit where credit is due, it’s worth mentioning that I couldn’t have written them without the help of Sidney Greidanus and his incredible book Preaching Christ from Genesis.

Feel free to use them as they are or to get your own ideas:

1. The Irresistible Call (Genesis 12-15)
Study 1
Study 1 with notes

2. Isaac Not Ishmael (Genesis 16-17)
Study 2
Study 2 with notes

3. The Blood Of The Lamb (Genesis 21-22)
Study 3
Study 3 with notes

4. Farmer Wants A Wife (Genesis 24)
Study 4
Study 4 with notes

5. To Us A Deceiver Is Born (Genesis 25-27)
Study 5
Study 5 with notes

6. The Deceiver Gets Deceived (Genesis 29)
Study 6
Study 6 with notes

7. The Wrestle For Rest (Genesis 31-32)
Study 7
Study 7 with notes

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3 thoughts on “7 Bible Studies On The Patriarchs

  1. Tim
    Even though you have contributed a number of books for SRE teachers, there is always a need for more and some new teachers in isolated schools don’t have resources in their early years.
    They might find some of your studies helpful when they teach Genesis