What If Twitter Was Around 2000 Years Ago?

This is unquestionably the greatest 5 minute video clip I’ve seen in a long time.

Cool huh? Number one challenge: @timmyclemens must decrease and @jesus must increase. Here are 5 more reasons I loved this video:

1. It’s Faithful– there really was a guy named Jesus. He did some cool stuff that got him a following. He taught some hard stuff that caused lots of people to desert him. He died. He rose again. And now he’s got more followers than Ashton Kutcher.

2. It’s Cutting Edge– love it or hate it, all of us get bored quickly. This video tells the old Story in a new way. Cool music, good graphics, and slick production. I love it when Christians don’t settle for lame and corny.

3. Its Educational- this has got to be one of the best introductions to Twitter around. For a Christian, it’s perfect. It’s got @mentions, #hashtags, twitpics, followers and more. If you don’t know how Twitter works, this is a good place to start.

4. It’s Challenging– it’s too easy to tweet your own ego these days. How many followers do I have? How many retweets did I get? This video is a great example of using Twitter to talk about someone better. Let’s be nobodies, telling everybody about Somebody.

5. It’s Fun- for those who use Twitter regularly, you can’t help but laugh at this video. This is what Twitter is like. Networking, news spreading, name calling and lots more. Props to the team at Igniter Media for making it.

Question: How will you use this video? Do you know of any others like it? Leave a comment by clicking here.

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